GOODA!の登場人物とあらすじ(Plot and characters)(再掲)

11話1 登場人物とあらすじ

Plot and Characters

Pepperpapa Cosmo Pachakuri Jigita Orasyonn
Robots Cavabho Photchokuri Nanndesyo Oraora
@@ Kummatta KohtarhoInazuma Oridonn General Nureohchi

Pachakuri promised to Cosmo a wandering alien that he stop global warming within three years in the condition of destruction of mankind.
But he was attacked by mankind of Cava planet on the moon where he went for the construction of Space parasol and fled to Earth.

He was headed to the moon for negotiations with mankind of Cava planet Brine. At that time, a mysterious robot @@ appeared and took sides with him. But @@ was very radical and she started fighting.


ペッパーパパ コスモ パチャクリ ジギタ オラショ
ロボットたち キャバ帽 ポチョクリ なんでしょ オラオラ
@@ くまった 稲妻光太郎 オリドン ヌレオチ将軍