34 What is Sophia?【Sophia】Dialogue with the Universe

34 What is Sophia?【Sophia】Dialogue with the Universe
Sophia (intellect) is the capability of a language and a network.
Etymologically it is the capability of the selection accompanied by consciousness.

※ Origin of the word: Originate in a Latin verb "intellegere" and mean the ability of "legere(choose)" from "inter(between)" two or more choices. However, the instinct beforehand programmed by the gene is not intellect. Intellect is the acquired capability to create the possibility of new selection.

Reference:"System methodology archive" (〜2011) Toshiya Nagai

※ In Goo Dictionary, intellect is the capability which gets to know things and considers and judges.Capability to perform man's intellectual action.

・A dolphin, a chimpanzee, and the orangutan can recognize themselves.
→Since there are communications skills, it is not as man, but it can be said that it has intellect.

・The main feature of intellect is creative!