33 Immunity and Memory【Sophia】Dialogue with the Universe

33 Immunity and Memory【Sophia】Dialogue with the Universe
○Immunity:To escape disease with aware of the pathogens and cancer cells in vivo.
Plague (disease) by infection with pathogenic bacteria can be resistant, and we can be difficult to disease.
○ There is two type of immunity, the innate immunity of almost all organisms and the adaptive immunity of vertebrate.
○Innate immunity that leukocytes (phagocytes) eat pathogens are innately equipped.
→ The innate immune system can not function adequately against new viruses.
○The adaptive immunity:lymphocytes(specific leukocytes) produce acquired antibodies against viral and other pathogens (antigens) to suppress the activity of the virus.
○In lymphocyte balls, the information for production of antibodies (proteins) does "memory" into DNA. This is called immunological memory.
○Dr. Susumu Tonegawa won the Nobel Prize in this immunization research field (elucidation of the hereditary principle of antibody generation) in 1987.
○Immunological memory and cerebral memory work by the same structure, and both of immunological systems (lymphatic system) and nervous systems are everywhere spread in the whole body.