66 Self Control【Life】Dialogue with the Universe

66 Self Control【Life】Dialogue with the Universe
“The Willpower Instinct”Kelly McGonigal is consulted very much.
The phrase with which I am pleased is as follows.

  • Self-control can be demonstrated if you breathe slowly. (p.92)
  • Movement, sleep, and relaxation become willpower strengthening. (Second Chapter)
  • If it has fallen, it will become easy to lose temptation. It can have confidence, if a guilty feeling is wiped away. (p.232)
  • Even if it fails, let's have consideration to ourselves. Then, it is avoidable to repeat failure out of a guilty feeling. (p.232)

It is an opposite effect that thinking, feeling, and desire tend to be suppressed, and when it does so, the thing which you want to surely avoid on the contrary will be considered, felt or performed.

  • We will overcome the wave of thinking, feeling, and desire by recollecting the target which can be absorbed, or acting toward the target which is really important for itself. (Chapter 9)