91 Future of the Universe【Past and Future】Dialogue with the Universe

91 Future of the Universe【Past and Future】Dialogue with the Universe

• About the future of the universe, three main scenarios considered.

○Scenario 1: The universe would continue a permanent expansion being get rate.
Therefore, the Milky Way of solar system would have led to gravitationally combined galaxies with very near. In order to exhaust material gas, there are no longer new stars in these galaxies. There are only leaving remnants of black holes and neutron stars, white dwarf stars. (If dark energy is constant).

○Scenario 2: Inflation would slow gradually, over time the expansion will stop. Furthermore, from which the universe starts to shrink, becomes very small and collapses. = "Big crunch"(If dark energy is weakened).

○Scenario 3: The universe would be expanding at an accelerating pace even more. Because of too rapid pace of expansion, the structure of galaxies collapses. =Big Rip(If the dark energy becomes stronger)

【Reference】Chronological Scientific Tables Official Site(How does the universe become ?)

※Above is hypothesis and it is not intended validated. Moreover, the time requires 10 billion years. Don't worry!
※In addition, there is also a theory that the universe will continue to expand forever, since it would fully cooled, in a few trillion years, mankind is a need to escape from this universe.
【Reference】Michio Kaku / New York incandescent classroom " Amazing prophecy of "Theory of Everything;TOE"" 20150403

○ Hypothesis over the future of the universe is a situation of "anything goes".
☆There is a possibility that the universe can take any form.
☆ So, I thought one of the hypothesis.
・Space expansion velocity approaches speed of light boundlessly.
→Outside of the universe becomes black hole. (Current of the universe)
→ Light can not reach from the outside of the universe.
→ In the early universe, it might be another universe looked.