71 Space Travel【Space Travel】Dialogue with the Universe

71 Space Travel【Space Travel】Dialogue with the Universe

At a rate of traditional sailing ship it takes
・15 to 20 years to out of Solar System
・250 years to go to the nearest star 4 light years away.
Note: García-Sánchez, J. et al. (2001). “Stellar encounters with the solar system”. Astronomy and Astrophysics 379: 634-659.

・It takes about 1,000 years for 20 light years by the ship cruising speed of the current
※There is also a theory that it takes 80,000 years to travel the 4.3 light years (about 40 trillion km) .

○For long-term space travel of mankind, we must have Planet type spacecrafts.
※ Planet type spacecraft;PTS:Which is a Spacecraft Modified a Planet or satellite for ultra-long-term space travel.

○Sending to the universe of human connectome
← It is an interesting idea, but the receiver is required to be able to learn.
← For learning and creativity, growing connectome is needed.
← Previously, it is necessary to feed the receiver.

※Human connectome:See No. 39.