80 Starship Solar-System(SSS)

80 Starship Solar-System(SSS)【Space Travel】Dialogue with the Universe

・Since the life expectancy of the sun is 5 billion years, the human race needs to be moved to any other stellar systems.
・30,000 years to go to our nearest neighbouring star, Alpha Centauri (distance: four light years).
・If you think the energy and safety between the long-term move, it is necessary to utilize the forces of nature.

・The solar system is orbiting through the Milky Way galaxy in 240km/s.
• If you have a solar system on the spacecraft, long-term energy and safety can be ensured.
Solar System [1]

○Proposal of Martyn J. Fogg(1989) [2] [3]
・Stars like the sun exist about 300 within a distance of 100 light-years. This plan assumes that to finish the replacement work of the sun and other stars in about 10 million years.
・First, put a ring of superconductor around the sun, and supplement the 10% of the energy of the total output of the sun. Then generate a toroidal magnetic field by flowing a strong current, and rectify the flow of charged particles spewing from the sun in one direction.
・With this propulsion system, the movement speed of the sun after 700,000 years will be 1km / s, and you can change the scope of the course 1.9 degrees with respect to the rotation axis. After 2.7 million years each of those will be 5km / s, 9.5 degrees, and after 10.7 million years 20km / s, 33.7 degrees.
・Next, select the course that slip through the side of the star of the target. And adjust the inrush course to put the Earth in orbit of the other stellar.

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