71 Colonization of the Planet

71 Colonization of the Planet【Space Travel】Dialogue with the Universe

71−1 Alpha Centauri [1]
○Alpha Centauri (α Cen) is the closest star system to the Solar System at 4.37 ly. It consists of three stars
○About 25,000 years later, Alpha Centauri will be 3.26 ly away.
○Mass and Age
・A:1.1M(the mass of the Sun)、4.85 billion years
・B:0.907M、4.85 billion years
・C (Proxima):0.123M、4.85 billion years

71−2 Colonial in the solar system
Google and the X Prize Foundation will hold the moon unmanned exploration race "Google Luna • X Prize (GLXP)"!
・Race participants compete to send high-definition images and videos to the earth until the end 2017.
http://www.bloomberg.co.jp/news/123-NQHPU66JTSEM01.html (Japanese)

○Water on Mars
In August 2011. NASA announced, depending on the season at the surface of Mars, "water" may be flowing.

Source: NHK news WEB

○A diamond planet was found!


・This planet is only 40 light-years away.
・It takes 300,000 years for one way, 600,000 years for round trip by the spacecraft.
・Hasten the development of the Hayabusa-Z!

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