78 Health care

78 Health Care

78−1 Space Food Menu【Space Travel】Dialogue with the Universe
・I considered space food menu with a focus on sweet potato. This menu is based on
"Dietary Reference Intakes for Japanese" (2010 edition, Ministry of Health), and "food
composition database"(Ministry of Education).

・Sweet potatoes 4, salmon 2 cans, boiled eggs 2, natto 1 package , soy milk 1.5 cups,
spinach 1.5 bunch.
・In these six items six out • You can meet the Dietary Reference Intakes for Japanese

Most important problem is how to farmed salmon in the universe.


78−2 Health food
・Incidentally I show the ingredients of daily life to prevent aging and diseases such as cancer and dementia on the planet.
• If you want to know the effect of this food, I want you to watch what this blog will continue indefinitely.

<Prevention of hypertension>Vinegar, Onion, Cinnamon
<Immune strengthening> Garlic, Broccoli sprouts, Mushrooms, Cabbage, Carrot, Natto, Tea, Pigeon barley tea
<Dementia prevention> Egg, Broccoli, Camembert cheese, Linseed oil, Ginger
<Blood sugar value adjustment> Nuts, Brown rice, Sake lees, Yogurt, Mozuku
<Aging prevention> Salmon (astaxanthin), Instant Coffee 2 cups/day (niacin), Honey, Squid and octopus (mitochondria)

78−3 Blood pressure drops! Simple Pot-au-feu
• Further introduce the recipe useful on the planet.
・By the way, in my case (standard body weight) effect comes out in 2 to 3 days.

※ Recipe Features: Processing of the ingredients of step 2 is to during the heating in step 1.

○Yield:4 servings
○Prep time:10mins, Cook time:50mins, Total time :50 mins
○Step 1
(Ingredients and Preparation)
Chicken breast 2pieces(Cut into 2.5 cm pieces)
Olive oil  2tbsp
Onion     1(Cut the onion in half and cut the halves into 5 wedges)
Potato    2(every skin and cut in1/8)
Carrot     1(every skin and cut in half lengthwise, and cut into 1.3 cm slices)
Canned tomatoes (chopped) 400g
Water         2cups
・Heat olive oil. When pressure cooker is hot, add the Chicken breasts and lightly fry.
・Add onions, potatos,carrots, tomatos and water. Cook under pressure(Medium heat) for 1 minute.
・Then stop the fire but maintain high pressure for 5 minutes.

○Step 2
(Ingredients and and Preparation)
Cabbage  1/4
Turnip    2(peel and cut in1/4)
Green onion 1
Ginger    5cm(shred)   
Garlic   2cloves(slice)
Shiitake mushrooms 3(slice)
Consomme      2(Ajinomoto brand "Consomme" 5.3g×2)
Curry roux  30g(In the case of House brand "Vermont Curry")
・Add the material, and stir.
・Cook under pressure(Medium heat) for 1 minute.
・Then stop the fire but maintain high pressure for 5 minutes.

○Step 3
Sake lees    30g
Add loosen the sake lees with a Tebo(sieve to cut hot water) [1] and a spoon. (END)

※ Adjust degree of fire and the time of heating and steaming so as not to boil over, and so as not to collapse boiled potatos and turnips.
※ If you pull out the steam of pressure cooker for the time reduction in the manual, you must increase the heating time.

78−4 Anti aging

1. Tebo(sieve to cut hot water)
(Source) The sieve to cut hot water when you boil the ball of noodle for ramen → ball → bullet of gun → Teppou zaru (gun sieve) → Tebo