62 Independence/Unleash Your Brain Power3

62 Independence/Unleash Your Brain Power3【Life】Dialogue with the Universe

・The second way to train positive neural for unlock your originally brain power without having to atrophy is not rely on others.
・The reliance on others is withering the emotions insidiously.
・Even if you go to temples and shrines or a church, and wish only your happiness and fortunes, the Buddha and God will only get bored.
・For unleash of your brain power , it is good to think about not your thing but the surrounding person, and to ask the happiness for the person of the world, if you can do.
・But you don't need to do all of your work, everyday life, etc. by yourself.
・If you do not assign but continue only miscellaneous business, your feeling will shrink.
・You should be advanced work, housekeeping, etc. valuing teamwork and communication and borrowing a surrounding person's power.
・After all, in order to set your brain's ability free, the posture in which it does not depend on other things is required.
・If you do not depend on other things and have a margin to sympathize with the others, your brain power will be enleashed.