65 Self Control/Coping

65 Self Control/Coping【Life】Dialogue with the Universe

65−1 “The Willpower Instinct”Kelly McGonigal is consulted very much.
The phrase with which I am pleased is as follows.
○Self-control can be demonstrated if you breathe slowly. (p.92)
○Movement, sleep, and relaxation become willpower strengthening. (Second Chapter)
○If it has fallen, it will become easy to lose temptation. It can have confidence, if a guilty feeling is wiped away. (p.232)
○Even if it fails, let's have consideration to ourselves. Then, it is avoidable to repeat failure out of a guilty feeling. (p.232)
○It is an opposite effect that thinking, feeling, and desire tend to be suppressed, and when it does so, the thing which you want to surely avoid on the contrary will be considered, felt or performed.
○We will overcome the wave of thinking, feeling, and desire by recollecting the target which can be absorbed, or acting toward the target which is really important for itself. (Chapter 9)

65−2 Coping to solve personal problems
○In psychology, coping is expending conscious effort to solve personal and interpersonal problems, and seeking to master, minimize or tolerate stress orconflict.
○In personal, coping regains the control of the frontal lobe to the amygdala.

※Amygdala:Amygdala modulates all of our reactions to events that are very important for our survival by secretion of cortisol:a kind of adrenal cortex hormone.
※Of cortisol excess causes the atrophy of the hippocampus of the brain. This atrophy becomes the cause of depression and dementia.

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65−2−2 Method
○Common distinctions of coping strategies are made between contrasting strategies for example: problem-focused versus emotion-focused.
○ As a way to reduce stress by self-control, there is a method to execute when you feel stress a list of actions to reduce the stress that was created in advance.

<List of action (for example)>・・・You need to be prepared as much as possible.

See clouds and stars
Listen to song
See flowers
See tomatoes
Smell the favorite one
Think about the lottery
Physical intimacy [1]
Receive a relaxation service
Helping people
Mindfulness [2]
Chatting with friends
Watch TV
Cut your hair
Shave your beard
Brush teeth
Wash your face
Care of eyebrows
Nose pack

65−3 Freedom
○Freedom is to control instinct and emotion.

1. Massage for secretion of oxytocin [3]. For example, the back massage for 10 minutes. Hug also is good. ( To continue for a week or more)
2. The mindfulness there is also a normal effect of growth of the hippocampus and amygdala.
<Simple mindfulness>
15 minutes. Close your eyes to focus on breathing. (Anything rather than do not think, to focus only on what is happening now in sight.) ・・・May sleep .