51 Pride and Shame

51 Pride and Shame【Life】Dialogue with the Universe

・Pride and shame are based on the work of a cerebral domain which is not the logical Prefrontal cortex, and manages feeling. [1]

Q:Will the Bayesian net may have feelings? [2]
A:Organizations of the brain involved in emotions are amygdala, hypothalamus, brain stem(emotional state and survival state), but Bayesian net has nothing to do with these organizations.
The future designer of artificial intelligence will make emotion such as "curiosity" to the outside of the Bayesian net, depending on the purpose.

※Bayesian network:It is a technique for making inferences based on probabilistic efficiently. And it acts similar to intuition, which is one of the functions of the brain. It is a technology that is the key to understanding of information processing principles of the brain.
・It has based on Bayes' theorem, which was discovered in 1763 by British pastor Thomas Bayes (1702 (?) - 1761).

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51 プライドと恥【人生】宇宙との対話


Q:ベイジアンネットが感情を持ち得るのでしょうか? [2]

ベイジアンネット:確率論に基づいた推論を効率的に行うための技術。 脳の機能の1つである直観と似た働きをする。脳の情報処理原理の解明の鍵となる技術。
・イギリスの牧師トーマス・ベイズ(1702年(?) - 1761年)によって1763年に発見されたベイズの定理をもとにしている。


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