91 My Cosmology/New Cosmology

91 My Cosmology/New Cosmology【Exploring the universe】Dialogue with the Universe

○ Structure of the universe
・If the universe (the Real universe) including the Milky Way galaxy was born from a quantum fluctuation, the universe (the Imaginary universe) including quantum fluctuations is assumed on the outside.
・In the Imaginary universe it can be estimated to exist other universe(Parallel universe) born from quantum fluctuations.

○ From the birth of the Real universe to Big Bang
• If the quantum fluctuation does not exceed the threshold, the resulting pair of substance and antimatter within the fluctuation disappears. = The Real universe is not born.
• When the quantum fluctuation exceeds a threshold value, the symmetry of matter and anti-matter brakes, and antimatter is to rapidly expand the space-time after 1e-36 seconds. ( The size of the Real universe (1e-27m) is much smaller than atom (1e-10m) ⇒3 millimeters (1e-3m): The Inflation: inflation rate is 60-fold of light speed.)
(In the reverse case, the Real universe is not born because space-time collapses.)

  • Immediately after that, (1e-34 seconds after → 1e-32 seconds after) substance of high temperature causes the Big Bang.

(The size of the Real universe : 3 mm (1e-3m) ⇒10cm (1e-1m))

○ The Current
・The expansion due to antimatter reduces entropy, and matter is inflated while increasing entropy. (The expansion rate of the Real universe is four times of lightspeed.)
・In the Real universe intelligence is born and growing.

○ The structure of the Real universe
・Since the outside of the Real universe is made up of antimatter, and it is also the same as the outside of parallel universe, they repel each other.

○ Dark model
・Dark matter and dark energy is the gravitational wave from antimatter on the outside of the Real universe.
・Dark matter will have the Dark model contrasting of the standard model of substances.

○ Future of the Real universe
<Case 1>If dark energy is a repulsive force between the anti-matter that is outside of the real universe.

  • The Real universe will evaporate at the end of continuing expansion. = Disappearance of the result of a large fluctuation that occurred in the Imaginary universe

• Before evaporation, the outer shell of antimatter in the Real universe will become brittle, and if it conflicts with other parallel universe, both universe will collapse.
・That is, if the matter that was scattered by the collision of the other two parallel universes collides with the outer shell of the Real universe, we might be able to measure it in quantum.

<Case 2>☆If dark energy has a structure.
・Rate of cosmic expansion is changed by the change of the three-dimensional structure of dark energy.
・The universe is supported by the structure of dark energy.
・Expansion of the universe is to stop in abruptly like an automatic umbrella.

○ Communication between parallel universes
• Communication by gravity waves is considered.