93 What is Intelligence?

93 What is Intelligence?【Exploring intelligence】Dialogue with the Universe

<Matters you know>
・ In the Universe there are Substance, Dark Matter and Intelligence.
・ Intelligence arose from Substance and Dark Matter.
・ Intelligence is able to capture Substance and Dark Matter.
・ Intelligence is present locally.
・ Intelligence may regress.

<Those can be inferred>
・ Intelligence is composed of Qualitative Sophia, Energetic Sophia and Photon of Sofia.
・ Photon of Intelligence has infinite speed.
・ Therefore, we can be inferred that Energetic Intelligence is far greater than Qualitative Intelligence.
・Nevertheless, the reason why Intelligence may regress is that Attractive force acting between Intelligence is in accordance with the following formula.
Fs=Gs・ma・mb/m-th power of L(m is more than three)
(Fs:Attractive force acting between Intelligence、Gs:gravitational constant of Intelligence、ma・mb:Intelligence amount、L:distance)
・ From the above, we can estimate that there is hole (Intelligence Hole) in Intelligence as like as there is Black hole in Substance.
・Also, Intelligence is possible to capture Dark Matter and Substance, so it is inferred that Intelligence is a wave across them.

<Challenges of Intelligence>
・For future development of Intelligence we need to suppress the occurrence of Intelligence Holes
due to an increase(integrated) in Intelligence.
・For this purpose, it is necessary to increase Energetic Intelligence.
・And for this purpose, it is necessary to maintain motivation and to create.
・Intelligent life forms, including humans, can contribute to this.