98 To the Future!

98 To the Future!【Summary】Dialogue with the Universe

in 2018
Canon seeks fully automated facility - ECONOMICS
・One-chip computer with the ability to exceed the human brain will be born. [1]
2030  Computer with a comparable human intelligence will emerge. [2]
2040  One-chip computer will have a capacity of 100 000 times the human brain. [1]
2045  Artificial intelligence is beyond the human in terms of knowledge and intelligence. Mankind technological progress prediction of the past no longer apply.
(=Technological singularity(2005年 Ray Kurzweil (1948- ))[3]
2045〜2100  Fusion power plant construction [4]
100 years later   Mankind manages the total energy of the earth and colonizes in the vicinity of the planet. [5]

10 million years later  Starship Solar-System(SSS)is completed.
20 million years later Reaching of the SSS to the other star.

100 million years later Mass extinction by volcanic activity occurs. [6][6]’
Billion years later Solar luminosity increase more than 10%.[9]
2 billion years later  Earth's oceans have dried up. (Evaporated water will diffuse out of the earth) [9]
3 〜4billion years later There may be Andromeda galaxy and our Milky Way galaxy (2.5 million light years away now) collision.
(If they collide, the chance of individual stars colliding with each other is extremely low.) [7][8][9] [10]
5 billion years later  The sun has become a red giant. [9]
10 billion years later  The life of the sun [9]

Trillions of years away The universe will continue to expand forever, would fully cold. [11]

☆The meaning in which the intelligence exists is to create the meaning.
☆The important thing for the intelligence is to spread its own idea.

☆Be positive, do it positive, give the positive!

Creating is the essence of life.−Julius Caesar(B.C.100- B.C.44)

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Although it is good to be principle, it will not work well if only principle.
It will have failed, if you think that it succeeded.
It has succeeded, even if you think that it failed.
It has lost, if you think that it won.
It won, even if you think that it lost.
It becomes the wrong even if you regard it as the good, it becomes the good even if you regard it as the wrong.
Even if you regard it as there being something, it is nothing to speak of.
Some are great even if you regard it as there being nothing.

☆Life begins always.