41 Future of GAI(Growing Artificial Intelligence)

41 Future of GAI(Growing Artificial Intelligence) 【Intelligence】Dialogue with the Universe

○Future prediction
・Camera production, to fully automated - Canon
・Single-chip computer will have more than the human brain capability. [1]
2030 Computer with a comparable human intelligence will emerge. [2] [3]
2040 Single-chip computer will have the capability of 100,000 times of the human brain. [1]
2045 Artificial intelligence is beyond the human in terms of knowledge and intelligence. Past predictions of mankind technological progress will no longer apply.[4]

○Utility of AI
・Automatic operation, medical diagnosis, business, financial transactions
・ New drug development, the discovery of new theory [5]

○Abuse, fear of AI [6] [7] [8]
・War, crime

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6. DeepMind founder Demis Hassabis on how AI will shape the future
What I’m really excited to use this kind of AI for is science, and advancing that faster. I’d like to see AI-assisted science where you have effectively AI research assistants that do a lot of the drudgery work and surface interesting articles, find structure in vast amounts of data, and then surface that to the human experts and scientists who can make quicker breakthroughs. I was giving a talk at CERN a few months ago; obviously they create more data than pretty much anyone on the planet, and for all we know there could be new particles sitting on their massive hard drives somewhere and no-one’s got around to analyzing that because there’s just so much data. So I think it’d be cool if one day an AI was involved in finding a new particle.
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