58 Training of Positive Neural/Unleash Your Brain Power

58 Training of Positive Neural/Unleash Your Brain Power【Life】Dialogue with the Universe

○"Brain decides happiness!"

Source: Marci Shimoff [Author] Kenichiro Mogi [Not] "Do it just "good for the brain" " Publisher Mikasa Shobo (p.2)

・According to this book by repeated the same thing, neural circuitry of the brain
will be strengthened.
・And these "negative" things are firmly memorized by the neural circuit, and a "positive" things are hard to be memorized.
・In modern society with much stress that is going to simple society from growth society, if nothing is done, a "negative" neural circuit will be strengthened in a brain and a "positive" neural circuit will become overwhelmingly inferior in strength.
・Then, it is necessary to train being conscious of a "positive" neural circuit.

○Happiness depends upon ourselves. −Aristotle(B.C.384 – B.C.322)

☆ If you want to become positive, train the upper body.