97 Summary/Future of the Universe and the Intelligence

97 Summary/Future of the Universe and the Intelligence【Summary】Dialogue with the Universe

We've been exploring the future of the universe and the intelligence.
Here is the summary.

○Future of the Universe
・Our universe will continue expansion, becomes cold, and galaxies and stars soon are likely to welcome the death.
• Therefore, mankind should escape to any parallel universe, but it is impossible to move the body to the parallel universe.
• Only one hope is communication between parallel universe.
• If we could use the quantum teleportation between parallel universe, we will be able to send the information of DNA and intelligence.
• In order to obtain the intellectual and material resources for the communication with the parallel universe, development of the universe is also necessary.
・We need a long time to communicate between the stella, but the universe will become lively.

☆However, if the dark energy has a structure, the universe is supported by dark energy.

○Future of the intelligence
・We will produce growing AI (: GAI) .

  • The brain is the most advanced structures in the universe, so the intelligence will develop in a way that the brain and the GAI was network.

・The important thing for the intelligence body is the lore of the miracle that it was born and has been developing in this universe.
• Therefore, intelligence body is necessary to pursue the possibility of communication with the parallel universe until the moment of the death of the universe.