14 Histry of the Universe

14 Histry of the Universe【What is the Universe?】Dialogue with the Universe

0          The quantum fluctuation [2]
After 10^-36〜10^-34 second  Inflation(10^-27→10^-3m、10^28→10^25K)[3]
〜10^-32 second  Big Bang(10^-1m=10cm)[4]
After 10^-9 second The birth of mass(10^13K)[5]
After 1 second  The Universe had become the size of the solar system.
After 100 seconds   The birth of hydrogen and helium10^9K)
After 300,000 years  Transparent to radiation:The cosmic microwave background (CMB) is the oldest light in the universe.
(0^24m=82 million ly、3000K、Expansion rate of the universe: 60 times the speed of light)
After 0.5 billion years  The birth of stars
After 0.6 billion years  The birth of galaxies
5 billion years 〜     Second Inflation [6]
After 9 billion years   The birth of Solar system
After 13.8 billion years  Current    
(10^27m=90 billion ly、2.7K、Expansion rate of the universe: 3.5 times the speed of light)

※ Chronology of the universe [1]

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