58 Really Important Thing? /Unleash Your Brain Power2

58 Really Important Thing? /Unleash Your Brain Power2【Life】Dialogue with the Universe

・How do you train a positive neural circuit?
・At first you never picky cares.

・In Mature society, the chances of success are less than growth society. The opportunity to acquire money, a status, and honor may decrease for most persons, however they may do their best, it will become difficult to obtain them.
・Then, if you are going to adhere to what is not and are going to live, your view will become narrow.
・If the state continues, you will disappear the pleasure which must be everywhere, and your heart will shrink.
・Cultivation of a negative circuit begins from here.
・In short, don't be attached to "what is not."
・If you understand that getting money, a status, honor, etc is impossible, don't be attached to them.
・Instead, be attached to "what existing."
・Change your mind to value your really important matter, your ability, etc. And develop them.
・Let's train your positive neural circuit and set free the brain's ability equipped from the first!

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