79 Cancer Inspection: Proteo Inspection

79 Cancer Inspection: Proteo Inspection【Space Travel】Dialogue with the Universe

○ By this examination, it is possible to risk judgment of cancers including pancreatic cancer from early stage by blood test. [1]
・With biochip using novel substance Silver Peroxide Meso Crystals: Proteo®, it is possible to determine the presence or absence of cancer, the type of cancer, and the degree of progress from stage 0 with a single drop of blood.
・It was developed in collaboration with Showa University Hospital and Mytech Corporation.

※Proteo Inspection Image [3]

・20170301 Japan Society of Clinical Study for Frontier-Medicine(JSCSF)started clinical research..[2]
※List of laboratories

1.”Silver Nanoscale Hexagonal Column Chips for Detecting Cell-free DNA and Circulating Nucleosomes in Cancer Patients” at nature.com 20150521
2. 一般社団法人 日本先進医療臨床研究会”「プロテオ検査」の実施と臨床研究開始のお知らせ”
3. “PROTEO(R)”at Mytech

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