9 The size of the Universe

9 The size of the Universe 【What is the Universe?】Dialogue with the Universe

・The size of the universe is more than 93 billion light-years(ly). [1]                        ・・・0.92×10ˆ11
Surface that the universe is expanding at the speed of light[2]
・Distance to the Andromeda Galaxy(the nearest galaxy) is about 2.5 million ly      ・・・2.5×10ˆ6
・By the way, the disk of the Milky Way galaxy is about 100 000 ly in diameter.                           ・・・1×10ˆ5
・Distance to the nearest star                ・・・4×10ˆ0
・Solar system is about 100,000 ly in diameter.    ・・・0.6×10ˆ−3
・Distance to the Sun from the Earth            ・・・1.6×10ˆ−5
・Diameter of the sun              ・・・1.5×10ˆ−7
・The Earth is about 13,000 km in diameter.  ・・・1.4×10ˆ−12
・Human height is about 1.7m.              ・・・1.8×10ˆ−16
(The length of the DNA in the cell of the human is 1.8 m.)
・The size of human cells is about 15μm.         ・・・1.6×10ˆ−21
・The size of the atom                   ・・・1×10ˆ−26
・The sizeof hadron (proton, neutron) ・・・1×10ˆ−31
☆The size of the atom and the nucleus is different enough human height and cell. So, the nucleus is not visible even look at the atom. (If atom is to be the size of Earth, nuclei is baseball field size, and electrons is smaller than ball.)
・The length of "String" and "other seven spatial dimensions" contemplated in the superstring theory                    ・・・1×10ˆ−51

☆If the reference unit of the size of the universe is the speed of light, the size of the universe is about 1×10ˆ51ly.
☆It may be there are the 82nd power piece of 10 universe in the universe.

☆Image of the Universe

1. 観測可能な宇宙(The universe/Japanese) - Wikipedia
2. The galaxies, 18 billion light-years more distant from the observer, go far off beyond the speed of light. So we can not observe them.

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