13 The Birth and Life of Stars

13 The Birth and Life of Stars 【What is the Universe?】Dialogue with the Universe

13−1 The Birth of Stars
In the universe,
Stars are born from chaos.
Stars and intelligence are being born while increasing the entropy.

※ entropy: the degree of disorder
※ law of entropy increase: the laws of increasing of disorder in the universe
19 カオス.jpg

※The Carina Nebula (7,500 ly)  
(c)NASA,ESA,and M.Livio and the Hubble 20th Anniversary Team(STScI)

13−2 Life of Stars
○Big star burns out faster than small one.
 (Since stars have a limited supply of hydrogen in their cores, they have a limited lifetime as main sequence stars. This lifetime is proportional to f M / L, where f is the fraction of the total mass of the star, M, available for nuclear burning in the core and L is the average luminosity of the star during its main sequence lifetime. Because of the strong dependence of luminosity on mass, stellar lifetimes depend sensitively on mass.)[1]
○The lifetime of the sun is about 100 million years. The life of stars of 10 times weight of the sun is from 1 / 1000 to 1 / 100.
○The Sun formed about 4.6 billion years ago. It will exit the main sequence in approximately 5 billion years and start to turn into a red giant. [2]

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