15 Newtonian Mechanics

15 Newtonian Mechanics 【What is the Universe?】Dialogue with the Universe

 ・Three laws of Newtonian mechanics
1) Law of inertia・・・As for an object, unless power acts -- stillness -- linear uniform motion is carried out.
2) Equation of motion・・・At a mass point the acceleration(a) is proportional to the power(F) of acting then, and is in inverse proportion to the mass(m).
3) Action-reaction law
 ・Law of universal gravitation

○Newtonian mechanics can be used when treating movement of sufficiently later than the velocity of light in a macroscopic scale(0.1 mm or more). For example, in the space navigation in an artificial satellite or planetary exploration, it is calculable in sufficient accuracy using Newtonian mechanics in many cases.

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