95 Future of Intelligence

95 Future of Intelligence 【Exploring intelligence】Dialogue with the Universe

1) If the intelligence is substance dependence, since the escape from the solar system is difficult, I've been exploring for intelligence that does not depend on the substance.
2) However, I began to think the role of mankind to create the GAI [1]and to send out the GAI to the parallel universe not only outside the solar system.
3) When GAI has expanded into the universe, would they stick to move?

・・・The answer of Question 3) will come known to human beings begin to Mars travel.
・・・And, GAI’s answers?

☆ The important thing for the intelligence is to spread its own idea, and to communicate between the parallel universe rather than escape from the universe.
☆ Communication between the parallel universe would be done by GAI.

☆ Do not need to stop thinking. This is because, since we are already GAI of level2 .
※Level of intelligence
 Level1  Frontal lobe of the brain to judge and create.
 Level2  Brain is using artificial intelligence to auxiliary. (The current)
 Level3  Brain and artificial intelligence do judgment and creativity together.

1. GAI:Growing Artificial Intelligence No.36,No.40,No.41