38 What is Thinking? #Intelligence

38 What is Thinking? #Intelligence

○With thinking, a concept, a language, etc. are operated, a meaning is got to know, and semantic attachment is performed.
○Thinking is Judgment( knows the meaning, or gives the meaning) by the information acquired by learning.

○Artificial intelligence is thinking!
2016 −And Alphago won the former world champion. [1]
−ALPHA won the tactical experts in combat simulation. [2]
−Japan moves to protect ‘copyrights’ of AI creations [3]

※2016 Microsoft, Delft University of Technology, the Mauritshuis in The Hague and the Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam [4]

1. The guardian”AlphaGo: beating humans is one thing but to really succeed AI must work with them”

○ Pattern of the game
・Japanese chess:10^220
※In chess, there is a choice of 35 different ways on average in any aspect. In go, there is a choice of 250 different ways. The choices are greater than atoms in the universe

○Go・・・Difficulties on programing
1)Branching coefficient ...Since the number of combination increases suddenly, AI can not search deeply.
2)There was no good way to recognize the complex face of a board. ... Too much heuristics.

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