42 The History of Artificial Intelligence #Intelligence

42 The History of Artificial Intelligence #Intelligence

42−1 The history of Artificial intelligence  ( ) is quantum bit.
1763  Thomas Bayes discovered Bayes' theorem.
1956  John McCarthy was named artificial intelligence.
1980 Paul Benioff showed that calculation can be performed without energy in the quantum system.
1984   Movie "Terminator" published.
1989  Berners-Lee developed the World Wide Web.
    Roger Penrose" The Emperor's New Mind " published
Deutsch devised a quantum circuit.
1997  Chess dedicated computer, Deep Blue won Garry Kimovich Kasparov.
※ Kasparov continued to hold the world champion title of chess for 15 years .
1998 QCL (Quantum Computation Language) was published.
2005  Ray Kurzweil wrote about the technical singularity in『The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology』.
2011 (128) D-Wave Systems, Inc. (Canada) was successful in the construction of a quantum computer "D-Wave".(Approximately $ 10 million)
2013 (512)  NASA ,Google and the University Space Research Association (USRA) established Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab using D-Wave 2.
2015 (1000) D-Wave Systems announced a new type of quantum computer "D-Wave 2X".
2015   Google's artificial intelligence Alphago won the professional players in the game of go.
2016 −And Alphago won the former world champion. [1]
−ALPHA won the tactical experts in combat simulation. [2]
−Japan moves to protect ‘copyrights’ of AI creations [3]

42−2 Works created by artificial intelligence
42−2−1 Music
Although music using the AI has already been sold, here it is free!
○deepjazz−Ji-Sung Kim:It generate jazz music learning from the given MIDI file. [4]
○Jukedeck −Ed Rex, Patrick Stobbs:You can make music in seconds by specifying the items such as genre, melody, length of the song, and completely royalty-free. [5]

42−2−2 Paintings

※2016 Microsoft, Delft University of Technology, the Mauritshuis in The Hague and the Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam [6]

42−2−3 Articles and Novels
42−2−3−1 Articles
○The Automated Insights's AI generated one billion stories in 2014. [7]

42−2−3−2 Novels
○Earlier 2016, a novel written by a Japanese AI program passed the first round of screening for a literature award named after science fiction writer Shinichi Hoshi.
○The humans do until plotting (selection of the theme, setting of the introduction and parameters such as the weather and sex) . [8]

42−2−4 Movies
○As if "Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas" isn't trippy enough — here is the "Great San Francisco Acid Wave" scene run through Google's artificial neural network software. [9]
☆It appears to be leading to the primitive religion, or to quantum world to me. I hope evolution.

42−2−5 Medical care
○ Watson (IBM) has insight in the 10 minutes the difficult leukemia diagnosis. (2016) [10]

42−2−6 Planning and Policy
☆Artificial intelligence makes what space development plans and policies?
☆Human beings can accept the plans and policies that artificial intelligence make?

1.The guardian”AlphaGo: beating humans is one thing but to really succeed AI must work with them”

○ Pattern of the game
・Japanese chess:10^220
※In chess, there is a choice of 35 different ways on average in any aspect. In go, there is a choice of 250 different ways. The choices are greater than atoms in the universe

○Go・・・Difficulties on programing
1)Branching coefficient ...Since the number of combination increases suddenly, AI can not search deeply.
2)There was no good way to recognize the complex face of a board. ... Too much heuristics.

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