75 Health Food #SpaceTravel

75 Health Food #SpaceTravel

75−1 Immune enhancement / control, cancer prevention
1)70% of immune cells are gathered in the intestine, and training areas for immunity are also available. An elaborate balance between immune responses and tolerance to intestinal microbiota is required to maintain intestinal homeostasis.[1] Emerging research has begun to investigate the role of dietary fiber(DF) in immunomodulation.
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2) "Osteopontin(OPN) " an organic component of bone raises immunity.
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Osteopontin is produced by a variety of cell types, such as B and T cells, natural killer (NK) cells, NKT cells, macrophages, neutrophils, dendritic cells (DC), bone cells (osteoblasts and osteocytes), breast epithelial cells, and neurons, and high expression is detected in the bone, lung, liver, brain, joints, adipose tissue, and body fluids such as blood, urine, and milk .
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Vitamin D:Sardines, Salmon
5.James Gallagher” Vitamin D pills 'could stop colds or flu'” at BBC NEWS 20170216
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Vitamin K:Green vegetables and Fermented products
・Vitamin D promotes absorption of calcium and vitamin K helps to absorb absorbed calcium into bone.
7.Katarzyna Maresz“Proper Calcium Use: Vitamin K2 as a Promoter of Bone and Cardiovascular Health” 20150214
Garlic 8. Garlic - Wikipedia  
Dietary fiber [2]
・Lotus root   with skin, 3 slices per day
Welsh onion  20 g per day

Kumquat (Fortunella crassifolia):β-cryptoxanthin increase NK cells activity.
   1 to 3 per day.
9. Nagahama K “Effect of kumquat (Fortunella crassifolia) pericarp on natural killer cell activity in vitro and in vivo.” 20150407
Eggplant (nasin)

75−2 Myocardial infarction / cerebral infarction prevention
75−2−1 Prevention of hypertension

Salt reduction
Hot tomato juice (lycopene):Warm a cup of tomato juice for 2 minutes in a range (600 W) and add olive oil and lemon.
10.Heidi Godman “Lycopene-rich tomatoes linked to lower stroke risk” - Harvard Health 20121010
Coffee:Studies have found that coffee polyphenols, such as chlorogenic acids, have many health-promoting properties, such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-diabetes, and antihypertensive properties.
11.Kazuo Yamagata” Do Coffee Polyphenols Have a Preventive Action on Metabolic Syndrome Associated Endothelial Dysfunctions? An Assessment of the Current Evidence” 20180204
Tofu:Magnesium contained in tofu discharges extra salt that causes high blood pressure to the outside of the body.
   Half a piece of Japanesestyle “cotton” tofu per day.
12.Gyamlani G “Benefits of magnesium in acute myocardial infarction: timing is crucial.”200004
Walnut:In 2016, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) provided walnut may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.
Up to 3 walnuts daily (high calorie).
   13.Walnut – Wikipedia
Chocolate, Cocoa
14.Larsson SC “Chocolate consumption and risk of myocardial infarction”-NCBI 20160302
Peanuts:Be aware of allergies, mold poisoning!
15.Health Benefits of Nut Consumption - NCBI - NIH 201007
※ Because the calorie is high, up to 3 grains per day.

75−2−2 Vessel strengthening

Zinc ( meat, nuts, crab, cheese): Eliminate active oxygen that promotes arteriosclerosis.
16.Ananda S. Prasad”Zinc is an Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Agent”-NCBI 20140209
Vitamin B6, folic acid, B12 ( liver): Remove the substances that aging blood vessels.
17.Selhub J“Folate, vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 and one carbon metabolism.”-NCBI 2002
Seafood (protein, DHA, EPA, taurine: Squid, octopus, scallops)
EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid):reduce inflammation of blood vessels and make plaque less vulnerable.
18.S. Sudheendran“N-3 vs. Saturated fatty acids: Effects on the arterial wall”-NCBI 20200306
1800mg per day
Lemon vinegar: Lemon polyphenol suppresses fat absorption and can be expected to prevent arteriosclerosis.
19.Yoji Kato“Effect on Blood Pressure of Daily Lemon Ingestion and Walking”-NCBI 20140410
Powder green tea:Catechin prevents the deposition of fat and suppresses arteriosclerosis.
20.Pon Velayutham“Green Tea Catechins and Cardiovascular Health”-NCBI 20090922

75−3 Aging prevention

○"Message substance" from the bone keeps memory power • immunity • reproductive ability young! [3]
・Vitamin D: Sardines, Salmon
・Vitamin K:Green vegetables and Fermented products, vegetables

Blue-backed fish [20], capsaicin, nuts [21] (especially almonds [22]): Prevent saccharification of the body.
21.Blue-backed fish - Wikipedia
23.Wang H“Effects of almond on D-gal-induced aging rats”-NCBI 200403
※Capsaicin greatly improve the safety and efficacy of swallowing. [22]
24.Nakato R“Effects of Capsaicin on Older Patients with Oropharyngeal Dysphagia: A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Crossover Study.”-NCBI 20170321
Meat:Maintenance of muscle mass(Take protein with 3 meals)
25.Daly RM“The effects of a protein enriched diet with lean red meat combined with a multi-modal exercise program on muscle and cognitive health and function in older adults"-NCBI 20150808

Knee Pain Prevention
Ginger: "Gingerol" contained in ginger has "the effect of suppressing analgesic and inflammatory effects".
   60g per day.
26.Arshad H Rahmani“Active ingredients of ginger as potential candidates in the prevention and treatment of diseases via modulation of biological activities"-NCBI 20140712
Collagen:Collagen is contained in gelatin.
27.Fulya Bakilan” Effects of Native Type II Collagen Treatment on Knee Osteoarthritis” –NCBI 201606
※Gelatin is extracted by adding heat to collagen, which is the main component of connective tissue such as skin, bones and tendons of animals. Synergistic effects can be expected by ingesting vitamin C and iron necessary for collagen synthesis.

○Dementia prevention
Honey:Several kinds of flavonoids contained in honey fight off toxin:LPS( Lipopolysaccharide) causing inflammation in brain cells.
28.Mohammad Mijanur Rahman“Neurological Effects of Honey: Current and Future Prospects”-NCBI 20140427
1 tablespoon of honey every night.
Camembert cheese:The ingredients of camembert cheese clean amyloid β. (Experimental stage using mouse)
29.Ano Y“Preventive effects of a fermented dairy product against Alzheimer's disease and identification of a novel oleamide with enhanced microglial phagocytosis and anti-inflammatory activity.“-NCBI 20150311
Linseed oil:When linseed oil enters the body, it changes to EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) which is said to be effective for dementia prevention.
30.Hidekatsu Yanai“Effects of N-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids on Dementia”-NCBI 20161124

○Alzheimer's disease(AD) prevention:Nutrients might be useful only for primary prevention of AD.
31.Nan Hu“Nutrition and the Risk of Alzheimer's Disease“-NCBI 20130620
・Fruits and Vegetables
・Berry fruits
・Whole grain
・Olive oil
   32.Selvaraju Subash“Neuroprotective effects of berry fruits on neurodegenerative diseases”-NCBI 20140815
Rice bran :One spoonful of roasted rice bran per day.
33.Hagl S”Rice bran extract compensates mitochondrial dysfunction in a cellular model of early Alzheimer's disease.”-NCBI 2015
75−4 Blood sugar value adjustment

Papaya (β cryptoxanthin)
34.Montonen J“Dietary antioxidant intake and risk of type 2 diabetes.
“-NCBI 200402
35.Sahin K“β-Cryptoxanthin ameliorates metabolic risk factors by regulating NF-κB and Nrf2 pathways in insulin resistance induced by high-fat diet in rodents.”-NCBI 201709
Tomato juice (lycopene)
36.Guo Y“Beneficial effect of lycopene on anti-diabetic nephropathy through diminishing inflammatory response and oxidative stress.
“-NCBI 201504
※ Hot Tomato Juice: See above for making.

Water soluble dietary fiber (mushrooms, seaweeds, burdock, onion, natto, okra)
37.Manohar V“Effects of a water-soluble extract of maitake mushroom on circulating glucose/insulin concentrations in KK mice.“-NCBI 200201

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