6 Address of the Earth in the Universe #universe #earth

6 Address of the Earth in the Universe #universe #earth

Somewhere in the parallel universe

Address of the Earth in the universe:the "local group of supercluster, Virgo galaxies, local galaxies (Milky Way), Orion Arm, Solar system, third planets."
The universe with Milky Way (The cosmic microwave background)

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Radius of the observable universe is about 45 billion light-years. ( The theoretical value calculated from redshift.)
Space beyond that area, does not know whether infinite or finite.
※ The number of galaxies is about one trillion.
※ The end of the universe is moving away from Earth at a rate of about 3.5 times the speed of light. (Which appears to be viewed from any galaxy, other galaxies are uniformly distributed, as moving away at a speed proportional to the distance)

Milky Way galaxy

The Disk of the Milky Way
※ The shape of the Milky Way galaxy is the disk about 100,000 light-years in diameter, and 15000 light-years in thickness.
※ In the Milky Way galaxy, there are about 200 billion〜400 billion stars.

The solar system

※ Reference:Wikipedia “Solar System”

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