74 Exercise #SpaceTravel

74 Exercise #SpaceTravel

74−1 Always be conscious
○While laughing. If you can not laugh, as smile as possible. Smiling is the beginning of laughter.
・The Benefits of laughter
Research documenting benefits in a clinical population (such as persons with cancer) is yet to be established.
1.Mary Payne Bennett“Humor and Laughter May Influence Health IV. Humor and Immune Function“-NCBI 20071205

○Conscious of breathing
※Gentle moderately long diaphragmatic breathing by the nose. Introducing a slight pause after each inbreath and outbreath.
・The Benefits:Reducing stress and its effects on your body and mind.
2.Xiao Ma“The Effect of Diaphragmatic Breathing on Attention, Negative Affect and Stress in Healthy Adults“-NCBI 20170606

○ Stand up once every 30 minutes. (32 times a day)
・・・Sitting disease: If you keep sitting for 1 hour, your otolith does not move and your life shortens 22-minute.
3.Anna Salleh “TV shortens life by 22 minutes per hour”at ABC Science Online’s 20110816

74−2 Immune enhancement / control, cancer prevention
74−2−1 Strengthen the bones
1) "Osteopontin(OPN) " an organic component of bone raises immunity.
4. Giorgio Mori“The Interplay between the Bone and the Immune System” - NCBI  20130714
Osteopontin is produced by a variety of cell types, such as B and T cells, natural killer (NK) cells, NKT cells, macrophages, neutrophils, dendritic cells (DC), bone cells (osteoblasts and osteocytes), breast epithelial cells, and neurons, and high expression is detected in the bone, lung, liver, brain, joints, adipose tissue, and body fluids such as blood, urine, and milk .

2)"Message substance" from the bone keeps memory power • immunity • reproductive ability young! [3]
5.Nausicaa Clemente”Osteopontin Bridging Innate and Adaptive Immunity in Autoimmune Diseases” 20161220

74−2−2 The Best Bone Building Exercise:Weight training, walking, hiking, jogging, climbing stairs, tennis, and dancing
6.Exercise for Your Bone Health - NIH(National Institutes of Health)

<Basic Exercise>
Squat   [Number of times] 5 to 15 times 2 to 3 sets per day
○ Stand on one leg (left and right)
Raise one leg about 5-10 cm and stand for 1 minute on the other leg.
○ Back muscle exercise
• Lie down on the face and put cushions around under the navel.
• Place your hands on your waist, lift your upper body as much as your chest floats, and hold for 10 seconds.
[Number of times] 5 times 2 to 3 sets per day
7.骨粗しょう症の治療 運動が骨に与える効果とは|NHK健康ch

74−3 Autonomic adjustment
○Abdominal breathing
8.Xiao Ma“The Effect of Diaphragmatic Breathing on Attention, Negative Affect and Stress in Healthy Adults“-NCBI 20170606

74−4 Exercise of eyes
74−4−1 Elimination of dry eye
○Stretch to make tears.
Slow wink twice → fast wink 4 times → slow wink twice

74−4−2 Maintaining visual acuity
• The Benefits:Prevention of traffic accident
○ Method: Do sports such as table tennis, tennis and baseball(10 minutes / day). You can hit backboard or wall.

74−5 Lower back pain (lumbar) prevention
Do not do it if you have pain.
(1) Stand up the pelvis when you sit.
(2) Back extensions

Start position: Lie on your front and rest on your forearms, with your elbows bent at your sides. Look towards the floor and keep your neck straight.
Action: Keeping your neck straight, arch your back up by pushing down on your hands. You should feel a gentle stretch in the stomach muscles. Breathe and hold for 5 to 10 seconds. Return to the starting position.
Repeat 8 to 10 times.
・don't bend your neck backwards
・keep your hips on the floor
10.Exercises for lower back pain - Live Well - NHS Choices

74−6 Other menu

1. 10,000 steps per day+Gymnastics that secrete NO(nitric oxide)
2. Maintain flexibility of your body
1)Stretches for shoulders ⇒ prevention of stiff neck, improved metabolism and posture
2)Stretches for back pain prevention
3. Maintaining dynamic visual acuity

74−6−1 Gymnastics that secrete NO(nitric oxide)
○NO (nitric oxide) is made of vascular endothelial cells and acts on the muscular layer of the vascular media to soften and expand the blood vessels.
•The Benefits : prevention of stroke and myocardial infarction
○Increase the secretion of NO (nitric oxide): Increase the body's deep temperature by 1 ° C.
11.Alexei V. Nosarev“Exercise and NO production: relevance and implications in the cardiopulmonary system”-NCBI 2014
○I will introduce two gymnastics that can be made while walking and will also be a substitute for walking.

74−6−1−1 Zombie exercise [12]
1. Stand and relax your shoulders.
2. Dent your stomach.
3. Jogging on the spot.
4. Shake your arms naturally and twist your upper body like a zombie.
• Jog 1 minute and break 30 seconds . Do 3 sets.
• 3 times a day.

74−6−1−2 Skip
・Skipping for 30 seconds.
• 3 times a day.

74−6−1 Stretches for shoulders
• Various methods are published on the web, but I have chosen a menu that I can do while walking. ( It's like killing two birds with one stone.)
<Caution!> Do not do it if you have pain.
(1)Shoulder rotation: With both elbows bent and a fingertip on the shoulder, turn the shoulder 10 times in the direction in which the eyeglasses will not fall (front ⇒ back). (Thread your arms as close as possible to your ears and extend your chest)
(2)Arm Circles [13]
Make big, slow circles with your arm with the arms stretched, turn left and right alternately from the back to the front. (Repeat 20 times in each arm). Maintain good posture throughout.
(3)Cow-Face Pose [14]
Reach right arm straight up, then bend elbow and let hand fall behind your head. Move left arm behind the back and bend the arm, letting the back of your left hand rest against the right shoulder blade (or as close to the blade as possible). Reach to grab right fingertips with the left hand. Repeat on the other side. (20 seconds in each) ・・・You do not have to reach both hands.
(4)Hanging gymnastics
・In order to not damage the muscles of your arms, first do your feet on the floor. (20 seconds)

74−6−3 Stretches for back pain prevention
<Caution!> Do not do it if you have pain.
(1)Stand up the pelvis when you sit down.
(2)Back extension
Start position: Lie on your stomach, and prop yourself on your elbows, lengthening your spine. Keep your shoulders back and neck long.
Action:Arch your back up by pushing down on your hands. Breathe and hold for 2 minute.
<Caution!>Do not up your chin to protect your neck!
(3) Tight hamstring stretches
(3−1)Active Isolated Hamstring Stretch [14]
1. To do this exercise, you lie on the ground with a rope over one foot.
2. Squeeze your glutes, followed by your quads, and then actively lift up your leg as high as it can go.
3. When the leg won’t go any further, you can give a gentle pull with the rope, and hold for only about one second.
4. Repeat this for about 8-10 reps.
5. Do the same for the other foot.

(3−2)Jack-knife stretch [15] (2 times / day)
1. In the starting posture, squat while holding your ankles with your hands.
2. Gradually extend your knees while keeping your chest and thighs in contact.
3. The position of maximum extension is achieved when the quadriceps femoris is at maximal contraction.
4. Return to 1.
5. Repeat this for about 3-5 reps.

※Active stretching in general produced greater flexibility gains than static stretching.

(4) Hip flexibility stretch [16]
(4−1)Horse stance
1. Open legs wider than shoulder width. Turn your toes outward.
2. Strtch elbows and open knees to the outside.
3. Slowing lowing hips towards the ground.(20 times)
4. Next, angle your right shoulder toward your left leg and low hips (20 times).
5. Switch to the other side.

(4−2)Inner stretch
1. Open the legs, hold both hands in front, and bend one knee.
2. The extended leg points the toe toward the ceiling.
3. The bent leg points the toe toward the outside of the body.
4. Keep in this state for 30 seconds with shaking.
5. Do the same for the other side.

(5) Push - up
• Do not push yourself.
• Open time for more than 30 minutes.

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