30 Quantum entanglement #gravity #universe #QuantumTheory #SuperStringTheory 

30 Quantum entanglement #gravity #universe #QuantumTheory #SuperStringTheory 

○Quantum entanglement
When we look at particles, we usually say that each particle has its own quantum state like spin. Sometimes, two particles can act on one another and become an entangled system. When a pair or group of particles can only be described by the quantum state for the system, and not by individual quantum states, we say the particles are "entangled".
Quantum entanglement – Simple English Wikipedia
• Quantum entanglement occurs in a moment. Also, there are no particles that mediate action.
• The pair of quantum entanglements is called an EPR pair (EPR: Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen), and it is a quantum 1 bit (unit of quantum entanglement).
※Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen were the first to point out this mysterious fact.

• There are three main fields related to quantum entanglement, quantum information theory, quantum field theory and gravity theory.
• Applications of quantum entanglement include quantum computer, quantum teleportation, and quantum cryptography.

○Spacetime itself could emerge from the entanglement.
• There is an idea that quantum entanglement stores energy. Because energy is equivalent to mass, quantum entanglement may have mass

○There is also the idea that the universe is created from quantum entanglement.
: The smallest unit of space-time is quantum entanglement of 1 bit, the one that countlessly gathered is the universe.

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