27 Superstring Theory【What is the Universe?】Dialogue with the Universe

27 Superstring Theory【What is the Universe?】Dialogue with the Universe
・ The development of astronomy, astrophysics, high-energy physics, mankind has been able to observe the world that spans up 45 digit (from 19th power of 10 to 26th power of 10 meters).
・ In addition, the phenomenon and force in the microscopic world is can be explained by the quantum theory, and macroscopic gravity phenomenon is can be explained by the general theory of relativity.
・ Since 1980, scientists around the world are working on the development of the superstring theory that unifies general theory of relativity and the quantum theory, and that theory can be explained from the microscopic to the macroscopic world.
・ Quantum theory has poor compatibility with gravity, would have obtained a result of the contradiction to be fitting the quantum theory to gravity. Superstring theory is expected as candidates for the theory that can be understood gravity in the framework of the quantum theory.
・ The goal of the string theory is that it leads to observable predictions.

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・However, from the size of a "string" which this theory assumes being very small etc., superstring theory has not acquired the status as an established theory of physics.

・There is a concept that the universe is multi(Multiverse).
1) According to string theory, each parallel universe including the Multiverse, there is a possibility that such as the arrangement of material as well as stars and galaxies, the material itself is different.
2) However, it is said that it is impossible to verify their existence.

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