94 About the motivation (avarice) for intellect?【Exploring intelligence】Dialogue with the Universe

94 About the motivation (avarice) for intellect?【Exploring intelligence】Dialogue with the Universe

94−1 Brain
○Your pain is my gain.
・Feelings of envy is related brain sites for anxiety, such as the anterior cingulate cortex. [1] [2]
・・・Reward system works.:Stronger striatum activation were induced when misfortunes happened to envied persons.
・・・It works also in increasoing of your money, in donating, in turning on the brand-name products in your hand.

・Now that these feelings in the course of evolution is not lost, it is supposed to have been a plus to something human life. If you think for example about envy, it is tied to the impulse to try to have the superiority in effort. [3]

・First of all there is no envy if there is no self-consciousness.
☆Healthy and fulfilling life can be obtained by positive controlling both pleasure desire (brand, money, status, etc.) and jealousy.

94−2 Control of motivation
・Maintenance of motivation is a subject for the improvement(evolution) in intelligence . Avarice is a kind of motivation, but intelligence and avarice is a different thing.
・Then, what kind of avarice should objects with intelligence have?It is thought that it is required.
・Avarice of liking to build the more advanced backup organization for self-preservation in the first place.
・Avarice of liking to build a network and communication with various objects with intelligence in Clouds of intelligence the second.
・And probably, the objects with intelligence with these two avarice tends to expand Cloud of intelligence to the universe, maintaining a network and communication with others.

☆It being important for the intelligene is growing up.  

○So,I wonder intelligence will be maintained in any way? How to build network?
• Intelligence would be maintained by a complex brain and artificial intelligence (i.e. growing artificial intelligence (GAI)), and it would be to build the network.
・And, in the future, it is necessary to be able to escape from not only our galaxies but also this outer space.

☆ To produced the GAI and to be sent it out to the parallel universe is the role of human beings.

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