68 The Ultimate Disaster=Escape Earth!

68 The Ultimate Disaster=Escape Earth!【Space Travel】Dialogue with the Universe

○Future of the Earth [1]
・10 billion years later, more than 10% increase in solar luminosity.
・20 billion years later, the Earth's ocean has dried up!
・30 billion years later, our Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxy collide!
(Possibility of collision of the sun and other stars is low if the two galaxies collide )
・5 billion years later  The sun has become a red giant. 

⇒Mankind will no longer be able to cling to the earth.

☆If it do not have the intention to protect it's own safety by its own force, and even the any intelligence body, it is not possible to expect a future.

※In addition, there is also a theory that the universe will continue to expand forever, since it would fully cooled, in a few trillion years, mankind is a need to escape from this universe. [2]

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2. Michio Kaku / New York incandescent classroom " Amazing prophecy of "Theory of Everything;TOE"" 20150403
3. History of Humanity

1.7 million years ago  Human beings born
0.5 million years ago  Peking man
230,000 years ago    Emergence of Neanderthals(Homo sapiens)
200,000 〜190,000 years ago  Emergence of Homo sapiens sapiens
100,000 years ago〜 Modern humans (Homo sapiens) were spread out of the Africa.
70,000 years ago 〜  The last ice age
10,000 years ago   The end of the last ice age