43 Important Matters for Intelligence

43 Important Matters for Intelligence【Intelligence】Dialogue with the Universe

1)It is a miracle that intelligence exists.(Reference::No.49 The Probability that Human Being Exists)

2)Autonomous replication (instinctive thing)
・The autonomous replication can consider various types, that is depended on not only DNA but such as dispatching a message etc.
⇒The important thing for the intelligence is to spread its own idea.

3)Maintenance of creation and motivation
・Each person is alive with creating something.
・It is man's motivation that there is a term called death.

4)To know what is intelligence and where it will go
・The answer of this is not found so easily.
( If I could know how to realize my ideal in the morning, I would accept my death in the evening gladly.  -Chuang-tzu(B.C.552-B.C.472))
・ I know that the meaning in which Sophia exists is to create the meaning.

5)To continue to growth with pleasure
・You should live for your only once life.
・Don't shrink. ・・・If you do not continue to grow you will lead to atrophy.