84 The History of the Earth

84 The History of the Earth【Past and Future】Dialogue with the Universe
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13.7 billion years ago Big Bang
13.5 billion years ago Birth of stars and Milky Way galaxy [1]
※ [2]

4.6 billion years ago  Formation of The Solar system and Earth (primitive atmosphere is mostly hydrogen and helium).
4.3-4.0 billion years ago  Ocean was born
3.8 billion years ago Birth of unicellular organisms
2.4〜2.1 billion years ago The oldest ice age. (Huronian glaciation)
750〜700 million years ago Sturtian glaciations
640 million years ago Marinoan glaciation・・・Snowball Earth

※The Snowball Earth [3]

600 million years ago Birth and explosion of multicellular organisms(the Cambrian)
500 million years ago  Creature won the brain.
460〜430 million years ago Little ice age(Andean-Saharan glaciation)
・・・Two events occurred that killed off 60% to 70% of all species. [4]
※Other causes :Gamma ray burst caused by supernova explosion occurred within 6000 light years
400 million years ago Plants advanced the land from the sea.
375 〜360 million years ago Expansion period of glacier( Karoo Ice Age)
   ・・・a prolonged series eliminated at least 70% of all species [4]
・・・There are also theories that the collision of asteroids is the cause of extinction.
360 million years ago Animal’s landing
300 million years ago   Increase of insects (cockroaches = living fossil)
Emergence of reptiles
250 million years ago Mass extinction of lives (Permian)
・・・Earth's largest extinction killed 90% to 96% of all species [4]
230 million years ago Emergence of dinosaurs
225 million years ago   Emergence of mammals
220 million years ago   Mass extinction of lives
・・・75% of all species became extinct [4]
150 million years ago   Emergence of archaeopteryx
140 million years ago   Division of Australian continent
100 million years ago  Golden age of dinosaurs (The average temperature was about 23℃. Temperature of current average is 15℃.)
66 million years ago Mass extinction of organisms= Extinction of dinosaurs(Collision of comet(about 10km diameter))
・・・75% of all species became extinct. [4]
Emergence of primates(Ability to synthesize vitamin C is lost)

40 million years ago Last ice age
25 million years ago The oldest fossil that seems to be apes
10 million 〜5 million years ago The formation of the Great Rift Valley in Africa began.
about 6 million 〜 5 million years ago The differentiation of Humans and chimpanzees
about 2.5 million 〜 1.8 million years ago  Start of Stone tools
1.7 million years ago  Human beings born
780,000 years ago The last pole shift of Geomagnetism
500,000 years ago  Peking man
230,000 years ago   Emergence of Neanderthals ・・・Use of stone tools
200,000 〜190,000 years ago  Emergence of Homo sapiens (present people)
160,000 ± 40,000 years ago   Mitochondrial Eve in Africa
(150 000 years ago   polar bear and brown bear was divided)
100,000 years ago〜 Modern humans (Homo sapiens) were spread out of the Africa.
(It was lower about 5-8 degrees in average temperature than the current:The difference between the annual average temperature in Tokyo and Sapporo. Sea level was 120m lower than now. )
70,000 years ago 〜  The last ice age
10,000 years ago   The end of the last ice age
30,000 years ago   Extinction of Neanderthal
30,000 〜 20,000 years ago Mongoloid passed to the Americas.
14,000 〜10,000 years ago Humanity tamed the dog.
13 000 years ago  Japanese archipelago became the island.
10,000 years ago  The end of the last ice age

A.C. 800 - 1300 The average temperature is higher than the present by 1 ° C or more. In the United Kingdom grapes were grown, Greenland was not covered with ice. [5]

20th century  Development of science and technology, the explosive growth of population, globalization, world war, environmental destruction and resource depletion concerns
The 21st century    Nuclear fusion power generation. Development of Artificial intelligence, Biotechnology and Nanotechnology. Multi-polar world.

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