98 Summary/Future of the Universe and the Intelligence #future #universe #intelligence

98 Summary/Future of the Universe and the Intelligence #future #universe #intelligence

We've been exploring the future of the universe and the intelligence.
Here is the summary.

98−1 Future of the Universe・・・What is known=No.32 What is the Universe
1)Macro phenomena such as celestial movements and evolution of the universe can be explained by general relativity.
2)Using quantum mechanics describing the micro world, we can explain the three powers of "electromagnetic force" "strong interaction" "weak interaction".・・・Standard theory, Higgs boson etc.
3)The unification of general relativity and quantum mechanics is yet to be seen.

☆Conclusion:If the universe continues to expand, material and energy production continues. Therefore the future of intelligence will be more optimistic.

○ It will be necessary to escape the earth or move the earth to Mars orbit after a billion years.
○ The Starship Solar-System is necessary, but we can not experiment with the solar system, so we will send GAI and machine tools and experiment with another star (Alpha Centauri) for building a Starship. ・・・No.79−2 Starship construction plan:Proposal to Breakthough Starshot・・・The completion is 200 years later

98−3 Future of the intelligence
○We will produce growing AI (: GAI) .
※ The brain is the most advanced structures in the universe, so the intelligence will develop in a way that the brain and the GAI was network.
※ There is a difference in the brain between men (concentration) and women (dispersion power).
○The important thing for the intelligence body is the lore of the miracle that it was born and has been developing in this universe.

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