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75 Health Care【Space Travel】Dialogue with the Universe

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75−2 Food
75−2−1 Space Food Menu
☆I considered space food menu with a focus on sweet potato. This menu is based on
"Dietary Reference Intakes for Japanese" (2010 edition, Ministry of Health), and "food
composition database"(Ministry of Education).
○Sweet potatoes 4, salmon 2 cans, boiled eggs 2, natto 1 package , soy milk 1.5 cups,
spinach 1.5 bunch.
○In these six items six out • You can meet the Dietary Reference Intakes for Japanese

Most important problem is how to farmed salmon in the universe.


75−2−2 Health food・・・Go to No.77 Health food

75−2−3 Blood pressure drops! Simple Pot-au-feu
○In my case (standard body weight) effect comes out in 2 to 3 days.

○Yield:4 servings
○Prep time:10mins, Cook time:50mins, Total time :50 mins
○Step 1
(Ingredients and Preparation)
Chicken breast 2pieces(Cut into 2.5 cm pieces)
Olive oil  2tbsp
Onion     1(Cut the onion in half and cut the halves into 5 wedges)
Carrot     1(every skin and cut in half lengthwise, and cut into 1.3 cm slices)
Green onion   1
Cabbage    1/4
Broccoli     1(cut easily for eating) -
Garlic   2cloves(slice)
Ginger    5cm(shred)   
Shiitake mushrooms 3(slice)
Canned tomatoes (chopped) 400g
Water         2cups
・Heat olive oil. When pressure cooker is hot, add the Chicken breasts and lightly fry.
・Add ingredients. Cook under pressure(Low heat) for 1 minute.
・Then stop the fire but maintain high pressure for 3 minutes.

○Step 2
(Ingredients and and Preparation)
Consomme      2(Ajinomoto brand "Consomme" 5.3g×2)
Curry roux  30g(In the case of House brand "Vermont Curry")
・Melt the roux and complete when a little stickiness comes out.

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75−4 Good Night’s Sleep ・・・Go to No.78 Good Night’s Sleep

75−5 Anti aging
75−5−1 ANTI-AGEING DRUG ?[1] [2] [3] [4]
○In studies [on mice], Nicotinamide mononucleotide ("NMN" and "β-NMN") has shown to reverse age-related arterial dysfunction by decreasing oxidative stress.
○NMN is a nucleotide derived from ribose and nicotinamide in the body.
Nicotinamide(Niacinamide) is a form of vitamin B3 (:niacin.).
○Ability to make NMN is reduced by aging.
○The anti-ageing properties will be tested on humans in July 2016.
・・・Oriental Yeast Co., Ltd. (OYC, in Japan) is now providing highly qualified fully physiologically active, beta-Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) as to support basic research in not only Academia but also Pharmaceuticals.

○NMN activates the cells of leukemia, would encourage growth. [4]

<Food containing a lot of NMN>: Broccoli, cabbage, avocado [5]

<Supplement>・・・Now in clinical trials
・ (NMN) Nicotinamide β-Mononucleotide 120mg×30 capsules  $57.97 ($5.80 / 10 Items) + $5.70 shipping  Fractal Health [6]
(120 mg's Nicotinamide Mononucleotide 100 mg's grape seed extract 100 mg's green tea extract 20 mg's ginger 55 mg's ascorbic acid 5 mg citric acid)

・Shin-ichiro Imai, M.D., Ph.D. Washington University
・David Andrew Sinclair /The Paul F. Glenn Laboratories for the Biological Mechanisms of Aging at Harvard Medical School.

75−5−2 Alternative substances of anti-ageing drug ?
☆Since NMN is expensive in clinical trials, I want to pay attention to niacin (nicotinamide is less toxic).

○What is niacin?
・Niacin presents as nicotinamide in the animal food and presents as nicotinic acid in vegetable foods.
・Nicotinic acid is taken up by the liver and converted into nicotinamide.

<Toxity of nicotinamide>
・Nicotinamide may be toxic to the liver at doses exceeding 3 g/day for adults. [7] [8]

<Nutritional sources>
・Niacin, is found in a variety of: Peanuts, Mushrooms (portobello, grilled), Avocados, Green Peas (fresh), and certain fish and animal meats.

○Nicotinamide 500mg 100 capsules・・・at amazon
・Nature’s way $4.39
・Now Foods   $6.45

75−5−3 Genetic therapy
○Experiment to extend telomere by intravenous infusions of an engineered virus which products an enzyme called telomerase.(2016) [9]
※Telomere and telomerase:When spread to the body’s cells, the enzyme generally extends the length of DNA caps(:Telomere) on the ends of chromosomes, which naturally wear down with cellular aging.

75−5−4 Dementia prevention
○Ear massage: improve blood flow in the brain [10]
Use your thumb and index fingers to gently massage your ear lobes in small circles. After a few delicious minutes move your fingers up to the middle of the outside of your ears, and gently rotate your entire ear in circles. Great for tension in the upper body and over thinking.
Your ear lobes are energetically linked to your brain. When the right ear lobe is massaged it allows the left brain and pituitary gland to become stimulated. When the left ear lobe is massaged it allows the right brain and pineal gland to become stimulated, giving you a whole brain experience.

○Oxytocin secreted from the pituitary gland by massage also calms the excitement of the amygdala. [11]

75−5−5 Alzheimer prevention
○Medium chain fatty acid, vitamin E, curcumin (often contained in turmeric), catechin (contained in green tea), polyphenol (contained in wine), omega 3 fatty acid (contained in blue fish) inhibits protein aggregation that is considered as the cause of Alzheimer's disease. [11]

75−5−6 Myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction prevention
○Periodontal disease bacteria easily enter the blood vessels, causing plaque (fat deposits). [12]

○Periodontal disease prevention:Removal of bacterial plaque
・Brushing teeth, dental floss
・Saliva secretion:(ex. By chewing gum)
☆ Removal of dental plaque: By walnut, honey, raisin and green tea

※Dental plaque can be dropped with α-linolenic acid contained in walnut. [13]
Honey has antimicrobial properties and is expected to have a preventive effect on periodontal disease, but if you eat too much, it raises blood sugar level. [14]
※Raisins contain oleanolic acid. This chemical helps stop certain kinds of plaque from forming on your teeth. [15]
※Green tea has in it is catechins. Catechins stop the formation of plaque. [15]

○Tooth brush care: The toothbrush fungus used for 3 weeks will be 80 times the domestic wastewater!
・Ultraviolet rays sterilization can be done by placing toothbrushes on the veranda, the window etc. at the time zone where there are a lot of ultraviolet rays from around 10 o'clock in the morning to around 2 pm. (Indoors, even cloudy days, even once a week OK! .) [16]

75−6 NEWS
○<IPS cell>Succeeded in high-efficiency proliferation of cancer killing immune cells in mouse /group of Professor Hiroshi Koumoto (Immunology), Institute for Frontier Life and Medical Sciencse, Kyoto University [17]

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